Solera Double Oak Bottle Release

Solera 2SP

Solera Double Oak Bottle Release

Tonight, we’re releasing bottles and draft of: Solera Double Oak, 12.8%, Barrel Aged Blended Ale.
This beer began its journey as “Solera Nectar,” a variety of strong ales blended in a 25 hectoliter fouder that once aged Barolo wine. The fouder was partially emptied once a year and topped back up with fresh strong and dark ales. For this very special version, we took the Barolo aged beer and filled up Buffalo Trace bourbon barrels with it, then aged those barrels for an additional year.
Aromas of musty grape, wood tannins, almond, and slight oaky char lend way to a truly full bodied ale that displays flavors of burnt brown sugar, molasses, caramel, warming bourbon, and even more wood. Meant to be savored during the coldest months of the year, fireside, and with good company. 750ml bottles for $22.

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