We made a Rosé Lager with very legit friends for Philly Beer Week.

Jeff Michaud , the James Beard Chef from Osteria in Philadelphia, was choking our head of sales, Contreras, at 6am Jiu Jitsu class when he suggested they work more cooperatively together. Jeff mentioned this just after he was invited to speak at the Philly Grain & Malt symposium, hosted by our neighbor and friends from Chester County, Deer Creek Malthouse. Contreras knew it would loosen his choke so he said “absolutely.”

Osteria is known for their Italian food and Jeff wanted to make a beer version of his favorite spring wine varietal, Rosé.

We worked closely with Deer Creek and chose a locally grown Keystone Pale malt made from 2-row winter barley that provided a base flavor of light earth & straw, with subtle dough and cracker notes. During fermentation, our brewer Ruby added hibiscus, rose petals & buds, wine grape must, along with a healthy dose of Huell Melon hops that are known appropriately enough, for their melon flavors.

Roséria is a crisp and bone dry 6.0% lager that will present a beautifully light blush appearance, with an aroma of lightly sweet grape and rose water. Flavors of grape, melon, light minerality, and a crunchy green flavor reminiscent of rhubarb are the most present.

There will be a special tapping of the beer on 6/3 @osteriaphilly at 5pm during their famed happy hour.

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