Breakfast With Bob

Lets Get Cooking at 2SP

Breakfast With Bob

Want Bob to cook you up Breakfast?
This is an exclusive event for our Barrel-2-Bottle Program, B2B, members.
What is B2B? Throughout the year, Bob & Ruby will put out 6 limited #barrelaged beers. At sign up you pay in advance for these bottles, to reserve them.
We also host an End of the year Private Party for our members (Party with the crew – food and beer on us).
B2B = 6 exclusive bottle releases + 2 private events!
How do you become a member?
2019 B2B sign-ups will be open between Sat, Dec. 15th – Tues, Jan 15th.
There are 3 Tiers you could sign up for:
Tier 1- $150. 1 bottle of each B2B release.
Tier 2- $250. 2 bottles of each B2B release.
Tier 3- $350. 4 bottles of each B2B release.
The price of the membership is an upfront fee for the bottles. Depending on the tier you sign up for, you’ll be guaranteed a certain number of bottles per each release. Makes for a perfect Holiday gift for the beer nerds in your family/friend circle.

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