Bottle Release: Pollen Nation & Best Wishes

Pollen Nation Imperial Honey Saison

Bottle Release: Pollen Nation & Best Wishes

Spring ☀️ is in the air and we’re celebrating with TWO bottle releases tonight.

➡️Pollen Nation, 10.5%, Imperial Saison 🐝
➡️Best Wishes, 9.5%, Imperial Saison ☺️

In Spring of 2018, we bottled a very small amount of Pollen Nation, our Imperial Saison brewed with honey 🍯. We cellared these bottles, and after a full year, we’re excited to finally share this with you. The bottles have an intense carbonation, typical of a rustic Farmhouse Ale, and showcase a more tart edge and Brett forward profile than the fresh draft version. Aromas of crisp green apple 🍏 skins, cracked black pepper honey, champagne 🥂 bubbles, and flavors of tart meyer lemon, honeysuckle, and tangerine 🍊.

Best Wishes is an example of how we’ve been experimenting with bottle conditioning methods. In Belgium, this is a very important part of the process. Traditional Saisons, and most other beers from Belgium, have a level of carbonation far higher than any other styles from across the world, so high that they cannot be served on the average draft system. The elevated levels of carbonation lend to a rocky head of foam that will stay on top of the beer for hours before it fizzles away, meaning not just that the beer looks great, but assures that the aroma will keep punching out throughout the time the beer is in your glass. It, also, lends to a mouthfeel that cannot be copied any other way. The bottles are finally deemed ready to share.🍻

Both bottles are 750ml, $18 each.
Bottles only, no draft.

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