$5 Growler Stock Up

2SP Great Growlers Sale – Drive Thru – Thanksgiving – 2-04

$5 Growler Stock Up

⚠️👉11.24 Update👈⚠️
After reviewing the governor’s order from yesterday we have decided to extend our hours tomorrow for the drive-thru for TAKE OUT only until 6:00pm.

So tomorrow’s hours are:
🚗Drive-Thru: 1:00-6:00
🍻Tasting Room: 1:00-4:30 last call

Sorry for any confusion – we just wanted to make sure we were both in compliance and flexible for your stock up needs!

*We will *not* be serving any alcohol for on premise consumption after 4:30.
All below information is still applicable!*


This year more than ever we are happy to host our annual $5 growler night – just to show how thankful we are for the tremendous support we’ve received from our guests, friends and family over these last several months!

However, things are going to have to be a little different this year – we are unable to accommodate the long lines that form inside and outside of the tasting room while guests wait to fill their growler so we’ll be utilizing everyone’s new favorite means of beer receiving – The Delco Drive-Thru!

🦃You’ll cook enough on Thursday, so Roasted Liberties will be here! **They will STILL be here during our newly adjusted hours! Food is still required for on premise consumption of alcohol, plus they offer take out if you’re just doing beer to-go! If you’ve never had their food you’re missing out!**
👉The only items available in the drive-thru will be the brands listed below and all canned beer. Please plan accordingly
👉We will swap out any and all of OUR GLASS growlers for one our freshly filled growlers
👉If you do not have one of our growlers, we sell our’s for $5 each
👉Yes, we did begin allowing outside growler fills – however due to the increased volume we expect on this day we will not be able to fill outside/personal growlers. If you don’t have any of our glass to swap out (I’m sure you still have some rolling around in the trunk from the summer!), again, ours are available for $5.
👉ALL guests picking up growlers will have to head through the drive-thru. Guests who are seated at tables are able to take growlers with them when they leave, but we are unable to accommodate a line for takeout orders in the tasting room.
👉Please head through the drive-thru for $5 growlers and canned beer take out. The line moves quickly!
😷ALL current Covid 19 restrictions will be in place and enforced – including occupancy percentages, social distancing protocol, and all guests must be seated to consume alcohol. For your safety and ours, we ask that you wear your mask when ordering and paying.

🍻$5 Growler Brands include🍻
Up & Out
Baby Bob
Pony Boi
Back & Forth
Thank you in advance for your continued support, understanding, and cooperation – we look forward to helping you kick off your Thanksgiving! ❤️🍻

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