$5 Growler Night

2SP Great Growlers Sale – Drive Thru – Thanksgiving – 1-02

$5 Growler Night

Hey, ya turkeys – the Drive-Thru is BACK!

We’re happy to again welcome youse back to one of our favorite nights here in Delco, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Growler night! We’re opening early to kick off the holiday weekend – and we’ve got some great features to stock you up and The Walking Taco will be here to fill you up!
Like last year, we’re going to be utilizing the Delco Drive-Thru for takeout sales and the tasting room will be open for service. Details are below!

-Tasting room will be open from 1:00-9:00
-Delco Drive-Thru will be open 3:00-7:00; just turn in from Concord Rd, and instead of making the first left to the front of the building, you’ll continue straight and pull around back to the warehouse doors.
-The only items available in the drive-thru will be the brands listed below and all canned and bottled beer. Please plan accordingly – you can check the Tasting Room tab on our website for an up to date list of cans and reserve bottles.
-We will swap out any and all of OUR GLASS growlers for one of our freshly filled growlers. If you do not have one of our growlers, we sell ours for $5 each
-While we do allow outside growler fills normally, due to the increased volume we expect on this day we will not be able to fill outside/personal growlers for this day ONLY. If you don’t have any of our glass to swap out, again, ours are available for $5.
-ALL guests picking up growlers and takeout are asked to head through the drive-thru. Guests who are seated at tables are able to take growlers with them when they leave, but we are unable to accommodate a line for takeout orders in the tasting room. **Are you coming for takeout and to hang out? No problem! Head through the drive-thru to grab your takeout first (we’re happy to put ice in your cooler for you) then meet us up front for a beer and a snack.
-The drive-thru line moves quickly!

** Wednesday 11/24 Features **
$5 Growler Fills
$5 Growlers:
-Pony Boi | Golden Lager 4.0%
-Delco Lager | Amber Lager 4.0%
-Up, Up, & Away | Hazy DIPA 8.0%
-Back & Forth | Hazy Pale Ale 5.0%
-Up & Out | Hazy IPA 6.0%
-Baby Bob | American Stout 6.0%
-Bobby’s Brown Brown | American Brown Ale 5.0%
-Supple | Vanilla Porter 5.8%
-Bogey | Blonde Ale 5.5%
-Tinte | Schwartzbier 5.0%
-Delcofest | Marzen 6.0%
-Bellcracker | DIPA 8.7%
-Skyliner | IPA 7.6

Can Features:
– $15 Cases of Bogey
– ALL canned and bottled beer is available in the drive-thru

Thank you in advance for your continued support, understanding, and cooperation – we look forward to helping you kick off your Thanksgiving! ❤️🍻

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