21 Feb 2016

New Beer Release

Tuesday, February 23rd, our coffee infused SIP,

21 Feb 2016

Tuesday, February 23rd, our coffee infused SIP, Bean n’ Gone, will be released at the tasting room. Bob and Ruby worked with our friends at Greenstreet Roasters to create this delicious infusion of beer and coffee. They picked an Ethiopian coffee bean, that will be darkly roasted, to infuse with our SIP. The bean has hints of blueberry with a strong mocha character. This will blend with the SIP to not necessarily make it a beer that, well, tastes like coffee. Instead this bean will blend with the beer to add an additional complex ingredient that blends with flavors already found in SIP and bring out the softer flavors found in coffee. Bean n’ Gone is 7.5% in ABV and 50 IBU. Don’t miss out on this one.

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