25 Jul 2017

#NewTapTuesday & Donuts

Tonight’s #NewTapTuesday is a special one. We’ve

25 Jul 2017


Tonight’s #NewTapTuesday is a special one. We’ve got a new beer coming out, plus donuts from Jes Made Bakery to pair with our brews.

Dual Hop Drop #006, 6.0%, IPA, is being released. Hopped with Denali & Experimental Hop #7270. Lending for a very fruit forward brew with nice spicy, piney, & sticky characteristics from the experimental hops.

Donuts will be available for purchase from 5pm-7pm. Pair a donut flight with the beer flight & enjoy!

*Cake donut with the beer, pineapple and coconut glaze.
To be paired with: Dual Hop Drop #006, IPA

*Long John yeast donut filled with chocolate cream made with the porter and topped with bacon.
To be paired with: Gravity Never Fails

*Butter and beer cake donut, caramel icing and chocolate shavings
To be paired with: Bourbon St. Seditious

** BRING CASH for the donuts, please **

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