23 Sep 2016

Oct. 1st Beer Muscles Strongman Competition at 2SP

NAS Sanctioned – Level 1 Power Plant

23 Sep 2016


NAS Sanctioned – Level 1

Power Plant Gym & 2SP Brewing Company are hosting a Strongman/Strongwoman show… and it’s ON LOCATION at the 2SP brewery! This event promises a winning combination of lifting heavy things and drinking craft beer (though not at the same time).

Events (subject to change):
– Keg Ground-To-Overhead
– Beer Pitcher Crucifix Hold
– Malt Deadlift (standard car DL frame loaded with malt sacks)
– Arm-Over-Arm Truck Pull (with 2SP delivery vehicle)
– Keg Over Bar

Weight classes (subject to change):
– Womens: novice, LW (under 140), MW (141-180), HW (181+)
– Mens: novice, LW (under 231), HW (232-300), SHW (300+)
– Awards: 1st-3rd place in each division

Beer and more:
– 2SP Tasting Room will be open for spectators (21+) during the competition, and for competitors (21+) who are finished lifting
– For more info on the brews visit: www.2spbrewing.com/
– There will be food trucks. Stay tuned.

– Live at: www.beermuscles2016.eventbrite.com
– Early Bird: $50 thru Aug 31st
– Regular Price: $65 starting Sept 1st

– Official NAS Level 1 Sanction – done!
– Exact event weights – almost done!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! This is a show you don’t want to miss!

Note: All weights are subject to change. We will notify you immediately if that’s the case.

Keg Press (reps in 60 seconds):
Women: Nov 65#, LWW 85#, MWW 100#, HWW 100#
Men: Nov 150#, LWM 200#, HWM 250#, SHWM 250#

Beer Pitcher Crucifix Hold (max time):
Women: TBD
Men: TBD

Malt Deadlift (on car DL frame, max reps):
Women: heavy
Men: heavier

Arm-Over-Arm Truck Pull (60 ft for time):
Women: 2SP Delivery truck
Men: 2SP Delivery truck with heavy things in it

Keg Over Bar (reps in 60 seconds):
Women (44″ bar): Nov 100#, LWW 125#, MWW 150#, HWW 175#
Men (52″ bar): Nov 225#, LWM 250#, HWM 275#, SHWM 275#

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