20 Oct 2017

Barrel Room Release

*Bottle Releases* During our meeting this morning,

20 Oct 2017


*Bottle Releases*

During our meeting this morning, Bob & Ruby decided to bust a couple bottles out of the barrel room to share with you all.

D’Abricot, 7.8%, BA Saison. This Saison was aged for six months in French Oak barrels with fresh apricots. It’s bright, juicy with apricot flavor and refreshingly tangy & tart.
Only 34 bottles available.

Champagne Wit, 4.2%, BA Wit. Weiss Wit aged in white wine barrels for eight months. Then re-fermented with Champagne yeast. Effervescent, slightly fruity, and cleansing on the palate.
Only 30 bottles available.

Available at 3pm today. Each bottle is $22.

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