09 Dec 2017

B2B Membership Sign Up

We’re opening up sign-ups for our 2018

09 Dec 2017


We’re opening up sign-ups for our 2018 Barrel-2-Bottle, B2B, program today!

Bob & Ruby will be releasing 6 barrel-aged beers throughout the upcoming year. The price of the membership is an upfront fee for the bottles. Depending on the tier you sign up for, you’ll be guaranteed a certain number of bottles per each release.

This past year members were able to enjoy 2 super exclusive bottles: Bourbon St. Seditious (Barrel Aged Barleywine), & a 24-month barrel aged “The Russian.”

Tier 1- $150. 1 bottle of each B2B release.
Tier 2- $250. 2 bottles of each B2B releases.
Tier 3- $350. 4 bottles of each B2B release.

Extra perks:
-“Breakfast with Bob!” An exclusive B2B event for our Bourbon Russian release.
-Private party for B2B members at the end of the 2018 calendar year.
-You’ll get first dibs to sign up for the program for 2019.

Limited spots. First come, first serve. We open at noon.

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