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Made in Delco

Post 001
In the beginning, as is the unfortunate fact about most history, there was a meeting. In a small,
dank, cramped office, which is actually a nice breathable size for bodies that have not endured
years in the beer industry, we, the 2SP Brew Crew, had one of those lofty conversations full of
sound and fury about what we were setting out to do. Who are we; what are we; where are we

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Beer Goggles

Post 002
The year is 2003.
I sat at home on my couch, exhausted, after having worked my first two weeks in the kitchen at Iron Hill Brewery. This was my first day off in two weeks and for those of you who know that back-of-house #kitchenlife, the day off after a period of straight hustle is precious.

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